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Snake Oil "I found Snake Oil on the net and tried it. Since then, I won't use anything else on my antiques. It has increased the value of my antiques. I have noticed that when I go to National Shows, I get anywhere from 5% to 20% more for my antiques. This stuff is great!"

- Maurice W., Denver

Old West Snake Oil is a unique blend of NATURAL OILS and WAXES specially formulated to preserve antiques. Old West Snake Oil does not contain any lemon oil, shellac, acrylics, water, detergents, silicon or other damaging chemicals found in many similar products available today. Old West Snake Oil was developed to preserve and protect rare and valuable antique firearms.

Old West Snake Oil will protect and preserve antiques of all types including:

what is snake oil?
You will love the way it looks on wood and metal. And best of all, it protects and increases the value of your Antiques! Don't forget to get a pair of our application gloves. These gloves make protecting your Antiques a breeze! At Antique shows we have been able to treat and protect over 200 items in about 30 minutes. THAT'S FAST! Old West Snake Oil is "The Best Thing Since Smokeless Powder", "Sliced Bread" or "The Wheel"!
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